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Online I’m a lot more organized. I’m probably more shy in person unless you actually know me. I think I’m mostly the same online and in real life, I hate when people don’t use proper grammar or spell everything wrong. Online the only thing I really post on is Instagram so it’s mostly pictures.

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  1. Hi Kaylynn,
    I am Naho from Hongwanji MS ELA. I was just looking at some blogs from around the world and I found yours. Your blog is great. Anyway, you are pretty much the opposite of me. I am shy online but brave in real life. I am also organized in real life and not organized online.

  2. Dear kaylynns,
    I am kind of like you because I am pretty much the same online and in real life and sometimes I feel like being a grammar nazi…hehe, nazi…. Also, I like the rain drops on your post, they give this blog a cozy feeling.
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  3. I can relate a little bit. I am usually shy around people out side of my friend group. Although I have gotten used to myself online, so people tell me I’m completely different online than in real life I also often miss-spell words online and use improper grammar, but i think that’s just because I’m been on the internet so long and i always am.

  4. Kaylynn,

    Wow! We are basically the same! Online I’m not really afraid to say my thoughts but in real life I am very shy EXCEPT to people who know me(then I’m really loud and outgoing). It annoys me about spelling mistakes and grammar also! Love your blog background and set up! Really cool!

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