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Hi I’m Kaylynn, I go to Franklin Hieghts Highschool. I have two older sisters, an older brother and a twin sister. I was in NJHS in 8th grade. I love to volunteer. I love music. I love Biology and math. I can’t pronounce color right, I know. I love reading and wacthing movies. My bestfriends are Hannah, Shea, Sierra, Carolina and Brittany. My favorite animal is a dolphin. My favorite color is blue. I love love love photography and editing. I love animals and little kids, I want to be either a veternarian or a kindergarten teacher.

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  1. G’day Kaylynn,
    Great introduction. Once you get more into blogging, you might want to change to a theme that has lots of images on the home page. That way you could show off your photography skills.

    Love the water drops on your background but some people might have a fit when watching this on your blog.

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